Our Spicy Story

From humble beginnings, sneaking jalapeños on taco nights and drinking hot sauce straight from the bottle, Austin has evolved into a fiery zen master.  He slices fresh habaneros and casually eats them on sandwiches and munches on jalapeños as snacks!  He knows not everyone has the desire to feel THAT much heat when they eat, but there are plenty of us who need to kick things up a notch.  Enter our new, Vancouver BC based, gourmet hot sauce company - Roasters Hot Sauce.
Food is our passion at the Hill house and Roasters is a family affair.  For years we’ve dreamed about centering our livelihood on food.  Being trained as research scientists though, there wasn’t a clear path towards that dream.  In 2012, after our son was born, we couldn’t make our food as spicy as we wanted, so our hot sauce consumption skyrocketed.  We longed for something with more varied flavour than traditional hot sauces, so Austin started making it himself.  After a few experiments, it became clear he was on to something special by using only fresh produce and fire roasting it before blending.  The result was this perfectly balanced, fresh fired flavour.  We never looked back, just knew this was it, and Roasters Hot Sauce was born.  After 3 years of making our hot sauces casually and sharing it with friends, we got the kick in the pants we needed to commercialize our recipes and launch Roaster Hot Sauce in August 2015.      
Our mission, as a family run business, is to handcraft gourmet roasted hot sauces and make them available to all those who want to elevate the spice in their life.